Super Cleaning Silicone Wiper Blade Durable Windshield Blade


Hybrid wiper blades adopt hybrid rivetless design with toughness & streak-free performance, SGCC wing sheet design specially fits windshield surface accurately.

Durable quality materials for superior performance

Rivetless wiper design, using PBT raw material injection molding, environmental protection, strong toughness

Original replacement wiper designed to exactly match your car’s original specifications as when your vehicle was new

Wiper blade size:

Available in lengths from 14”to 26”

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Metal Construction

Metal construction for strength and durability

Using flexible small wing angle of the SGCC galvanized sheet, not only improves the strength, but also fits the glass surface accurately

Memory spring steel beam provides uniform pressure for the clearest wipe

Tested to perform over. 1.5 million cycles

Multi fulcrum force

More supporting points in different layers make the pressure distribution of the wiper more uniform and the radian more suitable.

Precise profile design Reduce wind resistance and less chatter

304 Stainless steel  can ensure the stable support and wiper angle of the wiper rubber.

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Easy Installation

Pre-attached adaptor fits the most popular U hook arm directly

Suitable for 9 * 3/9 * 4 two U-hook wiper arms

Designed to exactly match your car is original specifications

Refillable silicone blades

Silicone & rubber refill formulated with Japan technology Uses traditional wiper refill. Mita silicone wiper technology uses Japan modified silica gel raw materials to integrate the water-repellent coating factor into the rubber strip. As long as the wiper brushed, the silicone strip can continuously apply the water-repellent coating on the windshield, so that the rainwater becomes water droplets and bounces, which is instantly blown away by the wind when driving at high speed, ensuring streak-free, quiet operation

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