Original standard replacement silicone wipers exactly meet the OE specs and qualifications, matches U-shaped arm & suitable for most Japanese & Korean cars.


High-quality classic structure, Durable metal frame for added strength pressure for  dispersed layer by layer, 

Multi-fulcrum structure provides more consistent pressure over life of the wiper system

is the most durable Traditional wiper blade available anywhere

Wiper blades size:

Available in lengths from 14” to 28”

Easy Installation

The installation is very easy and quickly.
This item can cover 90% the main car models in current market.

Pre-assembled connector for quick and easy wiper replacement every time.

Easy one-click install suitable for most Japanese and Korean cars.

Silicone Is Three TimesThe Life Of Rubber

High performance mita silicone rubber extends wiper life performance.
Povide exceptional protection against ozone and UV rays while providing a quality wiper.

Japan technology 22 “/ 550mm length, use 8mm width wiper refill for more stable brushing.

The water repelling coating that is applies as you wipe and lasts for months, At higher speeds, Wind pressure pushes the water off the windshield, often without even requiring wiper use.

1.2MM Metal Construct

Primary Lever uses a 1.2mm steel plate, and the secondary Lever uses a 1.0mm steel plate, which is stronger and more stable, Superior all weather performance.

Outdoor powder baking paint + breakpoint repair paint process, UV resistant, non-discolored, rust resistant.