High-strength silicone rubber, rugged resign-structure from severe weather. The wiper buckle seat suitable for left and right driving, fit for driving habits in most countries.

Wide Adaptability

Middle diversion design, left and right driving can be used arbitrarily, suitable for driving habits of all countries. Significant noise reduction and wind lift through a built-in aerodynamic spoiler.

Ws-Multifunction soft wiper blade, combine with frame and frameless wiper blade advantage, Suit for 14″-28″ size.

Universal Windscreen Wiper Frameless Supplier 3 Times Life
Universal Beam Windshield Wiper Blades Factory


High elastic memory steel sheet + multi-fulcrum design, no compression and deformation, perfect fit to glass radian

304 Stainless steel can ensure the stable support and wiper angle of the wiper rubber.

9 IN 1 adaptors

Mutifunctional type wiper blade with 8adpaters–from 50years wiper blade factory, you only need to order 10 sizes to satisfy 95% of the world’s cars. Easy to Install.

Mita Multiple Function Frame Wiper Blades 9 Adapters
Universal Windscreen Wiper Frameless Supplier Silicone Wpier Blades Solution


Japan technology formula silicone rubber or normal rubber can be selected precision-cut rubber wiping element provides a clean wipe every time Mita silicone water-repellent coating technology solves the problems of ordinary rubber strips that are easy to age, not durable, and blurred vision. Because the feature of repeatable repair of  water-repellent coating, the water effect can last for 2 years.