TS—Silicone windshield wipers

1.Super performance: 1-2 years service life & better performance.In harsh extreme weather remain flexible and resist cracking, -50 degrees to 250 hight degrees.
2.Save 2X money:Lasts 2 years, avoid the frequency of replacing the wiper blades, 2X money can be saved and avoid windshield repair costs.
3.Strong water repellent vision:you will get the clearest view in heavy rain. It is a lifetime water reppellent effect because of the patent coating factor refill with extra durability.
4.No noise: No noisy like rubber wiper made. With silicone windshield wipers, you don’t have to deal with any noise because the material slides more easily on the glass, eliminating most of the noise.

Best selling silicone      windshield wiper blades 

Year’s best-selling style with a composite streamline design,    smooth and light overall appearance.

10 in one adaptor

Simple and convenient for installation operation, suitable for 98% of car models, effectively reduce the wiper inventory.

Adjustable wing feet 

Internal multiple fulcrum lever makes the pressure distribution more uniform and better fit with glass radian.



Integrated casting zinc alloy pedestal ensures the precise connection of each accessory to the wiper arm, effectively reduces wiper swing during use.

Clear vision

Adopts Japan’s Mita Super water-repellent silicone wiper refill, clear and noiseless, speeds above 60 km/h no need to open the wiper.