These premium wiper blades feature all advanced wiper technology & specifically designed for water repellent service, which increased safety when driving in the rain.

Durable Construction

High-strength TPV shell & spring steel construction is design Satisfied with modern curved windshield ,makes the wiper blade more uniform and durable

Robust superstructure for durable all-weather performance

Streamlined spoiler that resists wind-lift when driving at high speeds

Wiper blade size:

Available in lengths from 14” to 28”

Cleanbro Normal Windshield Wiper Blades Manufacturer
Cleanbro Silicone Wiper Blades Factory Soft Wiper Blades

Multi Fulcrum Force

The aerodynamic steel frame wrap to curved windshields.

Multi-pivot design converts wind force for maximum windshield contact

combine for maximum uniform contact between the wiper blade and the windshield

Multi-fulcrum structure provides more consistent pressure over life of the wiper system

10 In One Easy Installation

Mutifunctional type wiper blade with 10 adapters–from 50years wiper blade factory

multi-function adapters design, simple and convenient installation and operation, suitable for 98% of car models, can effectively reduce the wiper inventory

The adapter uses 100% PBT, which is durable and does not change color

Cleanbro Multi-function Windscreen Wiper with 10 Adapter
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Japan Patent

MITA patented silicone wiper technology was applied for in 1997 and patented in 2007. It has 24 years experience in the production and sales of silicone wiper blades. silicone blades delivering whisper-quiet movement, strong water-repellent effect and unrivaled vision, and long life. With extended sizes available


Mita silicone water-repellent coating technology solves the problems of ordinary rubber strips that are easy to age, not durable, and blurred vision. Because of the feature of repeatable repair of water water-repellent coating, the water repellent effect can last for 2 years.

cleanbro silicone wiper blade provides exceptional protection against ozone and UV rays while providing a quality wipe, which is what sets it apart from other rubber squeegees.

Universal Silicone Wiper Blades Multi-function Wipers