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Of windshield wipers innovation.

Why Cleanbro silicone wiper blades ?

Perfect performance

Strong climate resistance, quiet, no noise, powerful water repellent, clear vision.

Outstanding effect

Refill does not include age, and three times service life,endure extreme temperature from -50 °-200 °.

Lower cost

Lower long-term costs due to durable three times service life and refill capability from Cleanbro Silicone wiper blades manufacture.

Water repellent wiper
Japan patent silicone refill achieve lifetime automatic water repellent coating effect.

Cleanbro is the word’s learder of silicone wiper blade manufacturers, we use Japan modified silicone mixed with our proprietary anti-friction and water repellant formula, to guarantee its uniform and durable release.
Wiper blade manufactured by Cleanrbro has functions of weather resistance, no aging, no deformation, anti-ultraviolet, ozone resistance, and ect. Cleanbro is the No.1 wiper blade manufacturer that provides sustainable lifetime coating water repellent windshield wiper in China, (view more…)

Manufacturing Excellence

For more than 50 years, Cleanbro has been committed to the innovation of wiper blades. And we are devoted to protecting the driver’s safe vision. 

Cleanbro’s silicone wiper refills use Mita’s Japanese patented technology, which has an excellent water repellent effect, ensuring the driver’s safety in any weather.

Company exhibition

We participate in Automechanika Frankfurt and Automechanika Shanghai every year.
Customers from all over the world have shown great interest in our silicone wipers. 


Advantages of Cleanbro wipers

Water repellent wiper
Japan patant silicone refill achieve lifetime automatic water repellent coating effect.

Perfect performance
Strong climate resistance, quiet , no noise,powerful water repellent, clear vision.

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