Ultrasonic car fog machine, rapid fog
Working last 12 hours, machine without hot
Not change the physical properties of disinfectant
12 V 24 V for vehicle, Indoor use 110V 220V

  • Engine start stopt,Easy to operate
  • Fog appear quickly and uniformly
  • Effective anti-virus area is  25 cubic meters
  • Running out of liquid, with the sound reminder, the machine automatically stops working that to protect the machine
  • Suitable for a lot of disinfectant
Compared with old car fog machine, this car ultrasonic disinfectant fogging machine is more intelligent, the body will not heat up,fog can appear rapidly , it can run continuously with the liquid, and it is suitable for any disinfectant such as car hotle & room (the disinfectant should be  harmless to the body and doesn’t contain alcohol)

Big fog volume 1500ml/h indoor disinfectant fogging machine
Negative air release function
Touch digital display
Activated carbon filter fiber, dust & purify the air
24-hour smart appointment

  • 1.8 cm diameter large water nozzle (easy to add water and easy to clean)
  • 2.Powerful turbine fan (powerful fan, let fog disperse further)
  • 3.Touch digital display (clear at a glance, easier to operate)
  • 4.Muffler (add silencing device, humidifier quiet operation, quiet companion)
  • 5.Excellent circuit board structure (passed the national CE certification, durable, 90W, no power consumption)
  • 6.Water shortage includes (water shortage, red light, automatic shutdown, dry burning prevention)
  • 7.Hidden water tank handle (portable handle, easy to add water)
  • 8.Activated carbon filtration (filtration of fiber and dust in air, purification of air)
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